Note that all bookings must be made online.

Hanney Tennis Club Court Booking Instructions

This can be done either (a) directly on a Google Calendar, or (b) via the Club Web-Site to access the Google Calendar.

(a) To bring up the Google Calendar site directly on your PC go to Google ( [It may be necessary to go to first, login as below then go to Calendar] Click on ‘calendar’ – on top bar. Sign in using the username and password that you have been given by the membership secretary.

Next time you visit you are already signed in. (b) The club web site can be found at: Or simply type ‘Hanney Tennis Club’ into Google when the address and details of the site appear. Click on top title. On web site click on ‘Court Bookings Online’ in left panel If you click on either link above you will see the court bookings including regular events, matches, coaching etc...

Then follow the instructions below:- You can book your slot on either Court 1 or Court 2. Note:- NORMAL CLUB RULES APPLY – ONE HOUR PER MEMBER PER WEEK. NO MORE THAN ONE WEEK IN ADVANCE. Of course you can play on any court which is free for that hour – but then no need to book! A few notes on using the Google calendars:

1. On the Club Web site Court 1 calendar appears above Court 2 calendar – use right side slider to view Court 2 below. To make a booking on Court 1 or Court 2 click on the "+Google Calendar" button bottom right on the calendar for that court. On the Google calendar direct viewing of the following appears immediately.

2. Under "My calendars" on the left you will now see four entries: Gillian Thompson Court 1 Bookings Court 2 Bookings Tasks

3. If they are not all visible as above, click on the toggle arrow in the square to the left of ‘My calendars’ . This toggles the calendars for the two court bookings on or off.

4. Ignore "tasks" and "Gillian Thompson".

5. Put the cursor over the court you wish to book and click on arrow to right of the Court 1 (or2) Bookings, and select ‘Display only this Calendar’ from menu – top option.

6. To make a booking - highlight the day you want to make the booking, switch to week view (at top) and click on the time you want to play, fill in the details and click on ‘Create event’. All is done. If you wish to book with another member for more than one hour, click on ‘Edit Event’ when more options are possible – end time, repeats, colour etc. Enter - then click on ‘save’. You can delete an entry by clicking on it, then on ‘delete’ option. Court 1 bookings are preferably in red, Court 2 bookings preferably in blue or purple.

7. By clicking on the right of both courts you can get an overall view of bookings which will appear in these different colours. But it is best to just show the calendar for the court that you want (step 5 above) to book. Note that as the browser refreshes this process can be quite slow, so avoid clicking too quickly.

8. To check your booking is saved OK re-enter the calendar by either way (Google or via Web Site).